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Dr. Tordella completed the FAA’s Accident Investigation course at CAMI, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in1983. He has supported attorneys for both plaintiffs and defendants. Some of his cases include a light aircraft crashing into the ground, a light twin crashing immediately after takeoff, a twin turboprop in cruise falling out of the sky, a helicopter colliding with a training light aircraft, an airline allegedly serving contaminated food. When required, Dr. Tordella is assisted by a wide variety of associates. This includes a nationally respected pathologist with expertise in drug testing and fatigue and a retired army helicopter pilot who is a recognized safety expert in civilian aviation as well as military. As a member of the Aerospace Medical Association, Dual Designee Association and the Airline Medical Directors Association, Dr. Tordella has access to many individuals with expertise in aviation medicine. He works with the Airline Pilots Association (ALPA) and the FAA on various medical certification issues. He has continuing access to aviation expertise other than his own.

Dr. Tordella holds a number of patents, including a US bureau of standards redefinition of measurement of a circle. As his initial degree is in Engineering, he is qualified to participate in engineering and human factors issues. He has experience in both military and civilian aviation, soloed in a tail dragger approximately 50 years ago, completed USAF pilot training flying both jet fighters and transport aircraft, has experience flying with an airline, crop dusting experience and holds a sea plane rating. He also holds ATP (Airline Transport Pilot) and Flight Engineer Ratings.

Dr. Tordella also is a USAF trained Flight Surgeon, therefore being designated both as a rated pilot and a rated flight surgeon by the military.

In summary his background qualifies him for a variety of consultation and expert witness tasks. Curriculum Vitae available upon request, see contact information.

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