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HIMS - Human Interventional Motivation Study

Doctor Tordella has been involved with the HIMS (Human Interventional Motivation Study) program for over 30 years, practically since its inception. He has personally returned to the cockpit hundreds of pilots diagnosed with alcohol or drug dependence/abuse. Of all those returned he knows of only one relapse, an excellent record of success. Because of his expertise he has lectured doctors and others involved in this program on the request of ALPA and the FAA. As an IMS, Independent Medical Sponsor paneled by ALPA and the FAA he represents both the airman and the FAA. Only experienced AME s’ are in this status. His office does certified drug testing as well as urine alcohol testing. He will guide the diagnosed airman through the complete program from identification, rehabilitation services, group therapy, AA meetings, psychological testing/ services and psychiatric consultations. Usually within 6 months an application for special issuance is prepared in your behalf with a packet of all needed reports, test results and a letter of sponsorship.  If the airman has the desire and fortitude to return to the cockpit, Dr. Tordella will assist in allowing it to happen. Refer to the excellent ALPA HIMS site and the FAA site for detailed information. They are listed under our HELPFUL LINKS button. Please contact us for farther information.

SSRI Antidepressants are now part of the HIMS Special Issuance Process and we are active in assisting applicants on Prozac, Zoloft, Celexa and Lexapro.

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