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Medical Helper

Medical Helper is a tutorial for both the applicant and the examining physician with respect to performing an acceptable physical utilizing the relatively new 9-page form CG-719K required by the USCG. Any U.S. state-licensed physician, physicians assistant or nurse practitioner may sign the form as having performed the exam. The guidelines are extensive and thorough, making it challenging to be accomplished to the medical review standards. We have developed an expertise in over 25 years, having examined thousands of applicants without incurring substantial problems.

Faxing or mailing a completed CG-719K form to us for review, either prior to visiting your medical provider or after it is completed, is acceptable. To start: go to the link for the Merchant Mariner Physical Examination Form (CG-719K) Merchant Marine Physical Examination The USCG site will not allow you to save your typed answers but allows you to print it. You can then fax or mail the completed document to us. We will review your documentation and inform you of any suggested changes to comply with acceptable medical standards including medical testing equipment permissible and medical reports required for your specific medical conditions, if any, per NVIC 04-08.

Submitting a physical exam that is screened as unremarkable will certainly hasten the process.
Please include the charge for this service in US $50.00 plus $30.00 for each reported medical problem. For mailing and handling the faxed or mailed reviews an additional $10 charge will be incurred. We use and recommend you mail via tractable services such as UPS, FedEx, US Postal, etc. to confirm delivery.  Please include your contact information. We are also available for consultation on a time chargeable basis (in person or electronically) if you are having difficulties being approved.

We are an independent contractor and do not represent the USCG, therefore not being able to guarantee outcomes. Our service, we feel, is assisting both the applicant and the USCG by making the necessary process easier.

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